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We are cooling experts, we have been dealing in radiators for over 90 years, from a mini to a caterpillar, Vintage to the latest model, whatever the construction, Brass, Copper, Steel, Aluminium or plastic we will have a solution for you

A reliable radiator is vital to ensure that the engine in your car does not overheat. If you have a leak in the coolant system or if the radiator is choked up, the temperature gauge could rise above the optimum temperature. If the engine temperature gets too high you could damage the engine – an expensive part to replace – so make sure your car radiator and cooling system is in shape, check your coolant level and top up, if necessary, with water and antifreeze.
At Northern Radiators we have the largest stocks in the UK, if we don’t stock it; we can usually get it for the next day. If it’s not available we can re-core (recondition) radiators in 2 or 3 days.

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