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Intercoolers are now fitted to most modern diesel and performance engines and come in many different shapes and sizes. A leaking intercooler will affect your engines performance and fuel economy. We have many different solutions from repair to the supply of Genuine Mishimoto units that have the benefit of a lifetime warranty. See www.nrgperformance.co.uk

We can build to design for bespoke applications like race cars or exsisting intercoolers can be copied in aluminium as an upgrade with various cores available.

All our bespoke intercoolers are made in Leeds with cores manufactured in the UK ( Not imported poor quality as sold on Ebay)

We are able to repair minor damage and leaks

If the cooler has contamination be are able to descale and power clean with a mobilizing agent that removes all deposits and swarf

Industrial intercoolers can be repaired or recored, normally within a 48 hour turn round and the savings compared to new can be thousands of pounds.

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