Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks | Northern Radiators

We are experts when it comes to fuel tank repairs, we can repair plastic, steel or aluminium. All fuel tanks have to be chemically cleaned internally and externally to remove any trace of flammable fuel
Small leaks and holes can be repaired by solder or welding. Larger damage or leaks may require a new section of material welding to the tank.
Should the tank be too badly corroded or rusty we can restore it with our Fuel Tank ReNu system.
The tank is defumed before it is blasted back to bear metal, inside and out (Holes will be cut to gain access) A liquid plastic is applied to the inside and outside of the tank. The tank is then placed in an industrial oven to cure the plastic. The end result is a steel tank that is protected inside and out with a durable plastic coating. Please note the tank will have a rubberised appearance. For vintage tanks the coating would only be applied internally.

New Tanks
We stock over 100 new tanks for car and light commercials, all which have the benefit of a year’s warranty.