Environmental Policy

Northern Radiators is an environmentally friendly business. Our services ensure that many leaking cooling components are able to be reused so ensuring new parts are not needlessly manufactured.

Northern Radiators will design, manufacture, repair, and clean heat exchangers in an environmentally responsible manner.

We will wherever practical implement actions that will reduce any environmental impacts. Responsibility for the environmental performance lies with the Managing Director and senior management team. Every employee also has responsibilities.

We will comply with current environmental legislation but our actions will go beyond mere compliance. We are committed to the prevention of pollution

We are committed to:

Minimise the consumption of resources used in manufacture

Minimise waste by efficient management of processes and reuse and recycle

Minimise harmful emissions and discharges

Take environmental factors into account when sourcing goods and services

We believe that this will produce benefits for our business. Our employees and local community

N White
Managing Director