Motorcycle Oil Coolers

Motorcycle Oil Coolers | Northern Radiators

Oil coolers are found on many different types of engines and are manufactured in many different ways but they all have the same job, trying to cool oil, this may be engine, Hydraulic or transmission

A car oil cooler cools the engine oil and can get damaged or just suffer from old-age and start leaking oil. If your car is leaking oil you are running the risk of damaging the engine and needing an expensive repair job so don’t put off replacing your oil cooler, get a new one.
Northern Radiators stock many types of coolers, including many hard to find unit. We can repair or re-tube plant and heavy industrial oil coolers and can manufacture new units from pattern

We can supply or recore oil coolers made by:
Ingersoll Rand

If the cooler has contamination be are able to descale and power clean with a mobilizing agent that removes all deposits and swarf.