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Commercial tanks lead a hard life, external damage to the tank and filler neck is a common problem. Inside the tank can rot and rust away both problems are sure to make the tank leak. The last problem you need is the loss of expensive diesel or a large fine for leaking diesel on a public highway
We are experts when it comes to fuel tank repairs, we can repair plastic, steel or aluminium. All fuel tanks have to be chemically cleaned internally and externally to remove any trace of flammable fuel before work can start
Small leaks and holes can be repaired by solder or welding. Larger damage or leaks may require a damaged section cut out and replaced with new steel or aluminium. New filler necks can be replaced.
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Should the tank be too badly corroded or rusty we can restore it with our Fuel Tank ReNu system.
Fuel tanks usually suffer from a lot of wear and tear, and can end up punctured or scraped, which will often lead to corrosion and rust. The first thing people think of is to just replace it, but there is a more cost-effective and economically friendly way to deal with these damaged fuel tanks.
Fuel Tank ReNu is a method in which old and corroded fuel tanks are cleaned and plastic coated. The process used is both proven and patented. It can be both cheaper and faster than simply purchasing a new fuel tank.
The process is a unique one, and using chemical bonding. It coats both the inside and the outside of the tank, with a double layer of protection which is incredibly tough and durable. This chemical bonding seals your tank from rust and corrosion.
This Fuel Tank ReNu process is compatible with water, diesel, petrol, menthanol, alcohol and high octane. It has been well tested, and is a safe process to use.
If you have a tank that is old and hard to find, this is certainly a method you should use. It means that you will not have to waste time looking for a dealer to purchase a new one, as yours will be inevitably be in a better condition after anyway. It can also be used on vintage tanks that need restoring, and new tanks to give them a lifetime protection.
The Process
The tank is defumed before it is blasted back to bear metal, inside and out (Holes will be cut to gain access) A liquid plastic is applied to the inside and outside of the tank. The tank is then placed in an industrial oven to cure the plastic. The end result is a steel tank that is protected inside and out with a durable plastic coating. Please note the tank will have a rubberised appearance.