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Industrial Intercoolers

Intercoolers are found on many different types of engines and are manufactured in many different ways but they all have the same job, to cool the air that has been compressed by the turbo charger.

Symptoms of a defective or leaking intercooler:

Noticeable drop of the engine power effect
Caused by improper pressure in the turbo-charge system and improper ratio of
Oxygen in the fuel/air mixture

Increased fuel consumption
Loss of oxygen causes an excessive intake of fuel to the mixture for the combustion process

Unnatural smoke from the exhaust system
Provoked by a surplus of the fuel that cannot be combusted and is consequently
Emitted from the exhaust system

Northern Radiators stock many types of coolers, including many hard to find unit. We can repair or re-tube plant and heavy industrial oil coolers and can manufacture new units from pattern
Intercoolers come in many different types of construction but here at Northern Radiators we offer the following for all vehicles

Experienced time served staff
Nationwide collection and delivery
Fast turnaround
Testing: pressure and flow rates
Repairs: leaks to the core and tanks
Recondition service: full overhaul of the unit
Recore: strip and reassemble with new core (upgrade if required)
Remanufacture: complete design and fabrication of new radiator
On site Written reports provided on request
Onsite work (subject to feasibility)

Many new units available from stock


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