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Classic & Vintage Heaters

The heater matrix is a small radiator inside the car that heats up the interior. If your Heater matrix is choked up you won’t get as much heat into the car as you should. Heaters, like car radiators, can choke up due to build up of deposits or dirt in the cooling system. The options for repair start from a chemical descale, if the heater is too badly blocked we can replace the core with a high performance unit
We also stock heater matrix for most makes and model of vehicle and if we don’t stock it, we can usually get it for the next day. As with radiators, we can repair, re-core or recondition more difficult to get heaters and can copy heaters that are made of Aluminium.
Many cars in the 1940s and early 1950s were fitted with the circular under-dash units – the most popular of which was the Smiths unit fitted to Morris, TR3, Austin-Healey, Jaguar XK and Land-Rover. The weak point on these is the heat exchanger, which is made out of ‘tinned’ steel and eventually rusts away. There is no satisfactory repair for these (see below).

The similar Clayton units were used by Daimler, Alvis, Lea Francis, Armstrong Siddeley, Rover (and Land-Rover s1) and Jaguar saloons (and most bus cabs in the 1950s).

Clayton units were more expensive but used all-copper wire wound tubes for the heat exchanger, which has a very long service life and is resistant to both blockage and leaks.

These heaters are still manufactured today off the original tooling, and are available with various water pipe configurations, with or without demisting (which in Clayton’s case is by an additional fan on the back of the heater), and in 6, 12, and 24 volt versions.

Smiths Replacements

Clayton manufacture a special range of the copper circular heat exchanger specifically to fit Smiths heaters on a replacement basis. Various versions and sizes are available to suit the various originals.

Motors, fans, and backplates are also available, as long as you have a serviceable front plate with doors, a new (improved!) heater can be built. For the purists this is virtually indistinguishable from the original (until you feel the heat when you turn it on……….)

Xeros Heaters

An alternative for the non-purists – a modern compact plastic bodied heater, 3-speeds & powerful – twice the output for half the price !!!

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